Feb 14th   Monthly Competition - Black & White
                  Presentation - Nikon D500 review - Rob Bailey, Mark Drayton, Rick Ayrton

Mar 14th   Monthly Competition - Crustaceans
                  Annual Competition - Prints
                  Update on remote camera work - Paul Colley
                  Update on conservation work - Paul Colley


Tuesday Feb 14th:    Monthly Meeting

The Meeting (start time 2000hrs) will be at our normal venue - The Casson Centre, Rodway Road, Patchway, BS34 5DQ (map)  It is  easiest to access it via Durban Road, off Highwood Road. The Casson Centre is the left hand part of the Patchway Community Centre, immediately next door to the Patchway Town Council Offices. There is off-road parking adjacent to the Centre and further spaces along  Rodway Road, near to the local Spa shop.

The monthly competition theme is 'Black & White'. If you are unsure about the theme then contact Arthur or Peter, otherwise send your digital files to Peter by midnight on Sunday 12 February. Unsure about entering? Even if you don't feel you have any winners, send some in to benefit from the audience feedback - it's an ideal way to learn.

The presentation planned for the evening is a review of the Nikon D500. It will be led by Rob Bailey, ably assisted by Mark Drayton and Rick Ayrton. All three are now using the D500, having moved from D300/D7200/D610 and they will highlight the differences - good or bad. There will be housings on view from Sea & Sea and Nauticam. If you are contemplating a move to the D500 then this should not be missed. Even if you're not contemplating a move, this should still be a very interesting presentation.


Jan Meeting

Monthly Theme Competition - Your Favourite of 2016

There were 18 entries for this competition.

In First Place, with 3 votes, was Paul Colley with this image of white tip reef sharks from Socorro.
In equal Second Place, with 2 votes, was Trevor Rees with this image of a blue shark in the English Channel..
Also in Second Place, with 2 votes, was Gill Marsh with this image of a seal pup from Lundy Island.

There were three images with 1 vote each:

A John Dory from Chesil Cove by Arthur Kingdon...

..anemone fish from Dumaguete by Mark Drayton..
..a hermit crab  from the Eastern Narrows by Jim Drake.


Presentation - Flouro Photography - Mark Drayton

Following interest in a fluoro shot of an anemone entered in the November “Creative in Camera” competition, Mark gave a talk on underwater fluoro photography. He had been experimenting with macro fluoro during 2016 with support and guidance from dive photo pro, Alex Tyrrell, an expatriate Brit currently working in Thailand.

Mark explained the physics of fluorescence in the context of the equipment needed to both see and photograph the ubiquitous fluorescence displayed by a wide variety of invertebrate and vertebrate life on tropical reefs. He discussed the advantages and disadvantages of blue versus ultraviolet light as excitation sources for marine fluorescence. Two types of filters are characteristically used in fluoro photography. Although shots can be taken using blue LED torch light alone, deep blue excitation filters may be used with strobes to produce a higher intensity blue light and therefore brighter fluorescence. Blue excitation light is used in conjunction with yellow barrier filters over the camera lens and divers mask. The yellow filters block the excitation light from our eyes and the camera’s sensor, revealing the weaker fluorescence spectrum. Minor differences in the spectral properties of barrier filters can produce surprisingly large differences in the colour spectrum of fluorescence images.

Using  his DSLR tethered to a laptop and streaming a liveview image, Mark demonstrated the fluorescence effect using blue light on a variety of household objects together with different yellow barrier filters.

Camera settings, post processing techniques and subject selection were discussed in relation to a range of images produced both by Mark and his friend, Alex Tyrrell who kindly “lent” some of his shots for the talk.

Editor's note: This was a fascinating talk on a subject that is not the easiest to explain. However, Mark's approach using a tethered camera and some excellent slides made the process very clear. Thank you Mark










Recent BUPG Successes

In the recent 'Your Favourite of 2016' competition, Paul Colley took fourth place and Mark Drayton was sixth. Well done to those two.


Keep bubbling.