MAY 10th:  Trevor Rees:- My First Year with a Compact Camera

JUNE 14th:  Will Postlethwaite guest speaker


MAY:  Wrecks

JUNE:  Cephalapods

Important - Please note that slides will be accepted see  Latest News

For the full list of monthly competitions for 2005 see the January Newsletter.


May Meeting

The May Meeting (start time 2000hrs) will be at our new venue:

Coniston Community Centre

The Parade, Coniston Road

Patchway, Bristol BS34 5LP

Most of you will have found it by now but if not:- Go up Coniston Road for approx 1 mile until you see a road sign on the left for 'The Parade Shopping Centre' and 'The Surgery'.  Turn right into Blakeney Road and then immediately right again into the car park for the Surgery.  The Community Centre is directly opposite the Surgery. Click here for map or use

Please try and be on time as it looks as if we will have to keep the main doors locked while we are using the building.   However, there is an intercom entry system so you should be able to get in if running late.

The 'On the Night' competition theme is 'Wrecks'. Send digital files to me (pending Bob Anthony, our new Competitions Member, getting his computer sorted) or bring your slides on the night.

The main event of the evening will be a talk by Trevor Rees who will give a presentation on his first year with a housed compact digital camera.  Trevor has had a very successful year and this presentation was very well received at a recent BSOUP meeting.  Stand by to see some stunning images and to be left wondering if you really need a big lump of housed slr!

There will also be a short presentation by Cathy Lewis on her recent trip to the Philippines.  This is the first presentation that Cathy has put together since going digital and I am sure it will be well up to her usual high standard.

BUPG Splash-In:  14 May 2005

Our very own Splash-In will be shore-based at Babbacombe.  The rules will be published in due course .  Please note that the competition will include a beginner's category for which there will be a separate trophy.  The criteria for 'Beginner' will follow similar lines to those of BSOUP and will be published in due course.  For the latest on Babbacombe see the article below.

BSOUP Plymouth Splash-In:  2/3 July 2005

The boat has been booked by Sally Sharrock and is probably full by now.

BSOUP St Abbs Splash-In: August 27/28th 2005

Possibly one place available if you get in quick - contact Heather Hammond.


The main event of the evening was a presentation by Martin Edge.  This was in two parts, with the first part being primarilly on the lighting of wide angle shots but also covering a great deal more. The talk was very well illustrated and Martin's advice for reducing backscatter was invaluable. He went on to show some stunning images, mainly from Wakatobi and taken in less than crystal clear conditions.  He advocated not looking for subjects but rather looking for good negative space and good natural light.  Many of his images were taken close to the surface and exploited natural phenomana such as Snell's Window, dappled light, reflections, early morning and late afternoon sun, amongst others.  All in all, this was an excellent presentation with lots of good advice and inspiration for all levels of photographer.  If you wern't there, you may wish to consider one of Martin's courses - see below.

The Monthly Competition theme was 'Invertebrates' and twenty images were entered.  Once again the voting was very close and there was a tie between Sally Sharrock's nudibranch on a sea squirt and Arthur Kingdon's anemone shrimp, with the shrimp eventually taking the honours after another vote. Both these images were taken on the recent trip to West Papua.


                                     ©Sally Sharrock



                          ©  Arthur Kingdon


One of the submissions was a hermit crab by Trevor Rees and I include it here as a taster for the May meeting.  It's as  good a hermit crab image as I have ever seen and got my vote on the night.

                         ©Trevor Rees


UW Photography Tuition with Martin edge

In addition to group sessions run at weekends, Martin offers 1:1 tuition with programmes tailored to meet an individual's needs and budget.  Martin adopts a modular approach enabling photographers to select areas of specific interest and, for those who want to combine teaching with practice, he offers an accompanied underwater photography session in an indoor heated swimming pool.

The modules cover:-

1.  Photo Clinic:  A 60 to 90 minute session during which Martin reviews and critiques your own photographs to determine style, trends and specific areas for improvement.  This session provides direction for which teach-in sessions to select.

2.  Teach-Ins:  Each teach-in runs for 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the needs of the individual.  During a full one day programme, three topics can be accommodated.  The topics are numerous but often include:

The Future - which equipment is best for you?

The mindset - Planning an Underwater Photo Dive

The Basics - Digital or Film issues

Close up and Macro with Flash

Wide angle and flash


Basic digital editing with Adobe Photoshop CS

3. Practical pool session:  This provides the opportunity to put all the teaching and tips into practice in an accompanied photographic session with Martin.  The results are reviewed and critiqued.  

When booking a programmeMartin will need to know what photographic equipment you intend to use.  for those who do not posess their own, both digital and film camera hire is available.

Folow up - Martin offers the opportunity to send him examples of photographs taken on your next two dive trips for critical review.  Post programme reviews can be conducted by telephone.

For full details see  

or email:

Babbacombe Latest

Alan James visited Babbacombe on April 26th and has reported sighting several cuttlefish pairs plus a few interfering males.  He feels they should be around for the next couple of weeks or so. Despite the poor viz (not much more than one metre), he got some good shots as shown below.

         ©Alan James

                                ©Alan James   

To see more images check out and for general information on Babbacombe, including a webcam, check out

Maldives Trip 2006

Lesley Harper has one place left on a liveaboard trip to the Maldives. The boat is MV Sea Queen and the trip dates are 12 March to 26th March 2006.  For more information contact Lesley direct via the details in the BUPG address list or via

BSOUP Competitions

There is no excuse now for not entering the BSOUP competitions as they are now accepting entries via email - Heather Hammond took a third place in January with a shot of a barracuda shoal.  Check out for further details.

  Keep bubbling(rebreathers excepted)