JAN 19th:  Monthly Competition - Symbiosis
                   Epson Red Sea Challenge - Rob Bailey                                                           
                   Foto Forum - TBA

FEB  9th:  Monthly Competition - TBA
                  Annual Competition - Prints
                  Lightroom Introduction - Jim Drake
                  Foto Forum - TBA


Jan 19th:      Monthly Meeting (postponed from 12th)

The Meeting (start time 2000hrs) will be at our normal venue - The Casson Centre, Rodway Road, Patchway, BS34 5DQ (map)  It is  easiest to access it via Durban Road, off Highwood Road - you can turn right at the traffic lights if coming from the Gloucester Road direction. The Casson Centre is the left hand part of the Patchway Community Centre, immediately next door to the Patchway Town Council Offices. There is off road parking adjacent to the Centre and further spaces along Rodway Road, near to the local Spa shop.

The monthly competition theme is 'Symbiosis'. Send your digital files to Bob ( ) and please include BUPG on the subject line. Note that all images are to be in by midday on the Sunday before - this will be the standard cut off time unless advised otherwise by Bob. Unsure about entering? Even if you don't feel you have any winners, send some in to benefit from the audience feedback - it's an ideal way to learn.

Rob Bailey will give a short presentation on his recent visit to Eilat and his experience as a competitor in the Epson Challenge

The Foto Forum will discuss the monthly theme for February 2010 - TBA


December Meeting

Monthly Theme Competition - Pairs

With our extended feedback session in mind, the entries have  now been limited to two per person. This month there were twenty two entries.

In Joint First Place, with three votes apiece, were Cathy Lewis and Arthur Kingdon.

A pair of squid by Cathy...

and a pair of bat fish by Arthur

Close behind with two votes apiece were images from Cathy Lewis and Libby Gawith.

Coleman shrimps on fire urchin by Cathy, .....

...ribbon eels by Libby (a very good effort)

Four images picked up one vote each:

Lemon sharks by Arthur Kingdon

Crabs by Martin Bailey
Divers in a Maltese cavern by Tamsin Eyles

and finally, lizard fish with sunlight patterns by Bob Anthony


Open  Portfolio

The Open Portfolio Competition attracted twelve entries but two arrived too late for the cut-off, so were disallowed. Of the remaining ten entries, the top six were:

In First Place with 26 points was Rob Bailey
In Second Place with 22 points was Cathy Lewis
In Third Place with 12 points was Arthur Kingdon
In Fourth Place with 10 points was Martin Bailey
In Fifth Place with 10 points was Trevor Rees
In Sixth Place with 6 points was Jeannie Bailey



BSoUP Open Portfolio

Another fantastic performance from BUPG members, particularly Trevor Rees who took First Place by a wide margin. In all, we took four of the top six places:

1st Place Trevor Rees

2nd Place Rob Bailey

4th Place Cathy Lewis

5th Place Tamsin Eyles

Only Cathy submitted the same portfolio as in our own Competition, the others taking the opportunity to make some changes. This worked particularly well for Trevor whose BUPG entry was judged as overly fussy and did not fare so well.

That makes Trevor the winner of all the BSoUP Portfolio Competitions this year (other than the Beginners) - is this a record? All the details are on the BSoUP website.


I'm sure many readers will have thought about producing their own calendar but few ever get around to doing it. If you want some inspiration, or want to buy a calendar, check out  Jeremy & Amanda Cuff's website. They have kindly donated two calendars to BUPG and we will use them as prizes in our Annual Print Competition in February.


A Merry Christmas to all,